Bahrain 2022

 This year, we've decided that making odd cakes from various countries has probably grown stale. We've found our favorites and for that reason chosen a different approach. This year we'll be discovering the flags of each host nation and delving into some interesting facts.

Bahrain was in the ancient times known as Delmon, under Greek authority was known as Tylos and later Awal. It's been a Portuguese colony and British, but as a nation, it's only 51 years old. 

It's a total of 33 islands - or 84 islands, depending on which hand you count on; altogether making it still the smallest nation in the Middle East.

They put cardamon in their coffee - no idea why!

The Tree of Life is located in the southern desert. It is around 439 years old. It was planted there around 1583, four hundred years older than Dad (Dave). People still wonder what is keeping them both living for so many years.

We made our own flag to show what country they are racing in.


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