Saudi Arabia 2022

 Dodging missiles, racing and crashing continues, and so we seek some interesting facts...

In 1935, the founder of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud, the first king of Saudi was knighted by Queen (or Princess as she was then) Elizabeth II.

If you like Harry Potter then don't bother reading them in Saudi. You might not return with them after your holiday because of the anti-witchcraft action that is most stringently under religious protection.

Gahwa is the Arabic name for coffee. This word was later adopted into Arabic meaning "A substance that prevents sleep". The first coffee shops to be opened in Saudi were opened in the mid-1550s in Mecca. Arabs have been staying up late, much longer than us.

There are over 7,000 Princes in the Saudi Royal family, all of these princes are given very prestigious jobs. So if you want to marry a prince at any point, I'm sure Saudi Arabia can spare you one. Do go to Saudi to find your prince, but don't expect to marry him or have the reception in the same venue as him. And if you are male... expect execution for it.

The flag of the Kingdon of Saudi Arabia (our apologies if the text is unreadable or any mistakes) 


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