Spain 2022

Heidi has chosen this week, to make the Spanish flag in an easier form - by printing the coat of arms and sticking it on. Nonetheless, she's found some interesting facts about this funny old group of people and the events they hold to amuse themselves...

  1. La Tamborrada is a drum festival held every year in January. There are around 125 different drumming groups, consisting of between 20-50 drums and 50-100 barrels.
  2. Las Fallas De Valencia is the festival of fire held in March for five days and the town is set on fire.
  3. Feria Del Caballo is the Spanish horse fair held in May, dating back to 1264.
  4. San Fermin is held in July for 1 week. This festival is held to show who is the most stupid out of everyone in Spain by running ahead of rather angry bulls.
  5. La Tomatina is probably the most mess and funny festival of all as it is the tomato fight festival. This festival is held at the end of August. This festival was first held in 1945 but it was banned in the 1950s however it was reinstated in 1957 after residents had a funeral for the festival, it even had a tomato buried in a coffin!
So if you have time on your hands and want to make some noise, burn everything, if you fancy showing off some very old horses, like being trampled or food fights, then Spain is the place to go.

Even less effort - steal your sister's flag


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