Saudi Arabia 2024

 This has been a busy weekend for us with Crufts, Mothers' Day, F1 and most importantly cooking. Our pursuit of savory snacks continues.

Heidi took the lead once again for this lamby goodness, of Mantu. A common snack in the Middle East, this recipe actually originates from Afghanistan. 

Miniature steamed dumplings, similar to wontons, of spiced lamb filling served with a sweet tomato dressing. A chance to use the pasta roller, which is always fun.

If this is anything to go by, 2024 will be a season of much pleasure.

A wet and sticky dough

A sweet tomato dressing and a meaty lamb filling

Wrapping the lamp filling up in the dough.

A makeshift "bamboo" steamer with Mum's veg steamer 

Served (traditional would be to dribble the sauce over, but we were nervous about spoiling the lamb)

Dad was not available for comment, while eating

Heidi's focus was somewhat heavier this weekend


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