Sakhir (Bahrain) 2020

After last week's disappointment, we chose to play it safe for this week's return to Bahrain with a known favorite. This we discovered on a previous year, when we took to celebrating the fruit from each country of the F1 calendar (see here).

Uninclined to modify this treat, we stuck to the same old recipe that we have repeated a few times. Heidi made it entirely by herself, it is of course sticky toffee pudding. I suspect that was partially as it made a good excuse to put off doing her art homework.

Dates are the tedious link to Bahrain, hidden within the sugary sponge which is drenched in more sugary toffee sauce. 

For those of you with diabetes, this is not for you. In fact, it's not for any of you, it's ours!

I didn't manage to get a photo before it went in the oven, other than the proportion which was splattered up the cupboards. 

Some of the toffee sauce made it into the jug.

Best enjoyed warm in front of the (culturally inappropriate) Christmas tree with a cup of hot cocoa and a little bit of ice cream.

...and then we cleaned the ice cream from Tally's trousers.

You too should try making this, and have it ready when we arrive...


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